The Road to Damascus

by Vitriolic

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This is our first raw ep "The Road to Damascus" Music is power driven with hard hitting riffs and beats, lyrical content is to spread a message of Love, Hope, and Truth of Jesus Christ. We are passionate about our music. This is just to raw and heavy to sit on any longer. We hope you enjoy!! Please stop by and visit us at our facebook for updates and other what nots!! Jesus loves you, we love and we hope you enjoy and share with some friends and remember to keep your eyes peeled for the physical copy release!!


released October 25, 2014

Music written and owned by Vitriolic 2014 all Rights Reserved to Vitriolic. Music written by Brandon Stuck, Lyrical content and vocals written by Jimmy Shaddix. Guitars done by: Brandon Stuck, Bass done by: Dylon Lester, Vocals done by. Jimmy Shaddix.
Strings and vocals recorded at Kiwi Audio with Brad Showalter.
Drums done by: Sam Wertz at S.A.W. Studios
Mix and Master done by: Damion Hill at E-Mix Online
Album art work done by: Ryan Clark of Natural Art and God's Love for HxC
Vitriolic would love to thank God first and foremost for the ability to make music and for his Glory, we would also love to thank our loving and understanding family members. And of course without all you awesome fans we couldn't get this out!!! We love all of you and God Bless all of you!!



all rights reserved


Vitriolic Chicago, Illinois

Starting in August of 2013, Vitriolic is a heavy fresh sound creating music out of passion and love for Jesus Christ.
We quickly wrote 8 songs and are now recording our debut EP, to be released very soon. We are a young and very hungry band, that will stop at nothing to reach as many people as we can
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Track Name: Tetelestai - It is Finished
It is finished now, we have excepted our, fate. Every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess.
We are victims and we are the curse, and the only one who can save us, is God Himself. Look for shelter, seek a haven. There's no place to run and hide, from this.
By now you have been told the truth, Falling from the sky. The wicked shall pass, the dead in Christ shall rise. None of us are worthy of life.
And you shall hear of wars, and rumors of wars. Do not be troubled. All these must come to pass, but, the end is not yet, the end, is not, Yet!
The end is not yet, be not troubled. All these things must come to pass, for the will of my Father.
Fascism has grown far too large to see the sights of what we believe. Our visions and hopes for the world become a requiem. Our visions become a requiem.
This is our time to fight for what we believe. Make a martyr of ourselves to stand at the foot of the cross.
This is not over, we have already gained, the prices have been paid. Stop being so ashamed, stop being so ashamed.
All this time. You've had the answers inside, when all you wanted to deny.
All you wanted to deny, Deny!
Track Name: The Thief
I am the door, by me if any man shall enter in, he shall be saved. And shall go in and out and find pasture.
The thief cometh not but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I
I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
The dead, walk the earth. Like, a fasting plaque coming forth to take over.
We, ignore this passing curse. Now that we see what this, all means we see the light. Fall, face first in that place you left off, years ago.
This is one thing, we can't control. Satan, will come for your soul.
Now who will be on their knees, when the thief comes for heart.
Hold steadfast, for the war.
Now, who will stand up and fight when the thief comes to take what's yours? Who will cast out this demon, who wants to destroy you? Who will fight? Who will stand up and fight??
Stand up for the danger draws near, while we have time to battle our enemy.
Now is the time to drag the enemy right back to the pits where he came from.
Drag the thief, back to, the pits where he, came from!
Now who is on their knees, who shall show submission to the king.
You will not, be a dark creature, we will reveal, you to the light.
Draw Nigh, to the King, Draw Nigh, to the King!
Draw Nigh!!
Track Name: My Affliction
How many times must I cry out, to seek you??
For this is my gain, to walk with you.
Forgive them, for they know not what they do.
In your grace, give us peace.
Open your mind, to a place of reality, this is not, a fallacy.
Time to wake yourself, from this life you lead.
Now step forward, look in that mirror. You see your so called reflection.
This world has taken over you. Mine eyes have seen the darkness
surround you.
Stop Running and face your fears!!
Play the victim get you nowhere, fast running hiding, keeps you, stuck with
your past.
Play the victim gets you no...... Where!!!
All the pain you put me through.
I will not be a victim, of this bloody massacre.
I will not be a victim!!
Track Name: The Downfall
Woe to you, All you brethren who have no faith.
We are a generation, founded on grace.
Get it together, Find your inner most purpose.
We were put here, for, more then this.
Lashing out immoralities, sinking lower to shehol's playground.
We test the waters to see if we can swim.
With, a voice, saying, jump, right in.
From the depths of hell, we look above, Falling to our knees,
Screaming in Agony!!
Open your eyes, See whats above.
There is hope for the weak, and those who seek His face.
We are the ones, with infinite lives!!
Come to me, all who are weary and heavy hearted, I will give you rest.
Shehol does not live here. Get behind me, All you, workers of, iniquity.
Depart from me, I never knew you!!
I am forgiven and made brand new, I am, made whole again.
Track Name: Overseer
Guideless, Rulerless, Kingless.
Where do you see yourselves?
In, the end, of this.
We are all lost in, our, own failed attempts.
Save me Oh God, by thy name, And Judge me, By thy strength.
Save me, Oh God, By thy name.
Disciplined sheep have wondered astray, as their guides walk away.
Stepping stones off the beaten path have lead you asunder.
To find, what, we already know.
This is your foolish endeavor.
Hear me, when I call, Oh God, of my Righteousness.
Guide me, Place me, Never Forsake me.
You are, The Overseer.